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What Is UniJoin? About UniJoin Mixer

UniJoin was founded in 2022, it is a Bitcoin Mixer that is built on top of the CoinJoin technology that claims to be more secure and provides untraceable coins to wallets.

This is the only mixer that uses CoinJoin technology, later I will explain what is Coinjoin technology.

UniJoin Bitcoin Tumbler allows you to send multiple Bitcoin transactions in one transaction, where multiple inputs and one output. It makes finder hard to search which input belongs to which output.

What is CoinJoin Technology

The whole process at CoinJoin technology makes transactions more anonymous by having multiple inputs of your Bitcoins in a single transaction, after which coins get mixed, and after getting coin mixed it sends back to your asked address.

It makes it hard for everyone to trace the transaction, let’s understand CoinJoin technology with an example that is shared by UniJoin Bitcoin Mixer itself.

For example, someone (call them A) wants to buy a service or good using Bitcoin. But user A wants to make this transaction secure and untraceable so others can’t access user A’s information.

Now user A will go to the UniJoin platform to make this possible, where other users like B, C, and D want to make a transaction in their Bitcoin.

Here users A, B, C, and D agree to send their Bitcoin at once in one big transaction. The unique signatures of transactions get merged into one transaction. The Bitcoin gets randomized by being broken down into smaller amounts, as per new signatures added.

Users A, B, C, and D get the same value of Bitcoin that they had inputted but the mixing technology has already made it impossible for any third party to trace the coins back to them.

The users also need not worry about the validity of the entire mixing process, because miners in the Bitcoin system validate all transactions and make sure that the signatures of all the coins are correct, verifiable, and spendable.

Service Information

Reserve Funds
Minimum Deposit
0.001 BTC
Output Addresses
Up to 5
Founded Year

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