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CoinoMize is a Bitcoin Mixer service provider where Bitcoin holders can get their Bitcoin Mixed and receive fresh Bitcoin that has no past transaction records with them. It is a proven fact that you can’t hide your transactions without using Bitcoin Tumblers.

The CoinoMize was first introduced or launched in May 2019, announced on the BitcoinTalk forum. It is one of those Bitcoin Mixers that gives you the letter of guarantee with each signed transaction by their public address.

The minimum amount you can get your Bitcoin mixed is 0.0015 BTC. Once you send your Bitcoin to their pool or node, they mix it with the coins of other users and send you back fresh coins.

CoinoMize says to choose high fees to get more fresh coins.

The minimum deposit required is 0.0015 BTC.

Website: They have three different domains. Other than the following domains are scams.

Service Information

Fees can be set by users between 1% to 5%. Plus 0.0003 BTC Miner Fee.
Reserve Funds
2000 BTC
Minimum Deposit
0.0015 BTC
Output Addresses
Up to 5
Founded Year

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